Is It Possible To Teach Someone Academic Writing?

Absolutely! Though it might seem like it for some students, academic writing isn't a natural born talent. It is a skill that is learned and developed over time. Like any skill, academic writing can be taught. People start with different skill levels and abilities, but anyone can improve their academic writing skills with hard work and the right teacher.

English 101

The freshman English class is one of the most dreaded college classes in a college students career. No one wants to take a whole class on writing papers after spending 12 years writing in school already. However, every student will improve their writing after taking a college course on it, as long as they pay attention, try hard, and keep their mind open to advice and criticism.

Many students just try to coast through a general education class like this, doing the least amount of work possible to get the grade they want. Keep in mind that if you do this, you are missing out on a wonderful opportunity to be taught academic writing. Freshman English or composition classes are typically small enough to interact directly with your instructor. Take advantage of this opportunity and go to them for advice.

The Importance of Draft Reading

Teaching academic writing isn't effective if is just made up of a professor lecturing to the student. The line of communication needs to go both ways, and one of the best ways to accomplish this is by visiting an instructor for one on one help. If you need to learn academic writing, find an essay expert to give you help. Take a draft or even an outline of your paper, and get their feedback and advice. This is a great teaching tool because they will be able to explain to you exactly what you are doing wrong.

Is Teaching Enough?

Teaching academic writing is only half of the equation. A teacher can teach, but if the student isn't listening or ready to absorb the material, it will fall on deaf ears. When you are learning the ins and outs of academic writing you have to make sure to keep an open mind. Be willing to learn and use new writing techniques. Though you might feel like you already know how to write a good paper, keep in mind that there is always more to learn. No one is ever finished learning how to write an academic paper. It is a skill that is honed and developed over years of teaching and practice, and you can always learn new tools and techniques.

Tips to consider

Start writing with brainstorming.Any essay or research paper start with creating an interesting and unique topic. Most students find it hard to make up a topic that would interest the professor. The easiest solution is check the available college paper examples available online for free use. Read the topics, write down the ones you like, conduct a research and give birth to a great topic of your own. The alternative way is to read a newspapers, watch a television program and write about any current issue going on in the world.

Proofread and edit your draft.Make sure to check your final draft before submitting it to your school. Most students are so happy they've finally finished writing their essay or research paper, they forget to spell-check and search for grammar and punctuation mistakes. Most professional writers even use the help of editors (and actually pay them for their services) to ensure the paper is coherent, well-structured and flows well.

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