Green Innovation in the European Automotive Industry

Green innovation is the use of environmentally friendly material with an aim of avoiding the destruction of the environment. The economic crisis in the world today is affecting many industries. This includes the European automotive industry. With the fight against environmental degradation, these industries have been tasked with finding ways of curbing environmental degrading factors. This led to green innovation in the European automotive industry.

Green innovation projects were developed to help meet the needs of our current generation without affecting negatively the needs of the future generations. Green innovation is aimed at preventing pollution, saving energy, recycling of waste and environmental management. This type of innovation is closely related to sustainable, environmental and ecological innovation.

Different organizations have come up to assist in this fight to save our environment. One of them is the European Green Cars Initiative. It helps in funding research that seeks to further green technology. The European commission has also provided funds in the form of grants to assist in this scientific research. Approximately 20 million vehicles are produced in Europe every year. Imagine the amounts of fuel used and the destruction it has to our planet. The research conducted by The European green car initiative will set aside funds for the production of bio-fuels, hybrid engines and electric cars. The production of this type of vehicles will help replace the present use of fuel that pollutes the environment. The production of hybrid vehicle including a test on SUVS has begun.

However, the production of these vehicles has proved to be challenging. Few vehicles have been produced because of the expensive nature of their technology. Bio-fuel for example is not readily available in all parts of Europe unlike petrol and diesel that we commonly use. Factories that produce these vehicles are few and have not been able to produce enough cars for the population.

Most European countries have come up with ways to counter these challenges. They have provided funding for the research of these cars. They have also provided loans for their production. This is a big boost to these industries.

In conclusion, green innovation is a product of environmental concerns. The decision by The European automotive industry to go green is good. Our environment is very important and without it then we cease to exist. It is important that we join this initiative by buying environmentally friendly vehicles.

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