Infantile Amnesia Definition Essay

Infantile amnesia deals with loss of memory related to early childhood.  Most people do not have a clear memory of childhood-related events that occurred before the age of three.  The concept continues to baffle scientists and people in general.  Studies continue on this concept to better understand brain activity and why people fail to remember events from such an early point in life.  As a universal phenomenon it has become one of the most intriguing subjects for an essay.

Studies over the years have developed evidence to help us learn why infantile amnesia occurs.  The reasons alone make interesting essay topics including lack of memory ability, neurological immaturity and past and present studies completed by researchers.  Essays written on this topic have explored unusual theories and angles, such as infantile sexuality and possible reasons why children remember or may not remember sexual abuse.  Some suggest sexual abuse may be a contributing factor of infantile amnesia in certain cases,

One concept that seems to be a cause behind lack of early childhood memory is brain development.  Researchers claim that at a very young age the brain is insufficient and unable to process memory.  Essay topics in this area have included types of brain development for child under 2 years old and how development processes affect a young developing brain.  Many review why brain memory develops differently in young children versus adults. 

Another aspect includes understanding exactly what young children can remember from that time period.  For instance, studies have included children around the age of 8 being asked about what they remember from their early childhood.  Researchers have learned that children may have the ability to remember fragments or retain a trace of details from when they were toddlers.  But, most were not able to give definitive experiences from the past.

Few researchers suggest that adults lack to reconstruct experiences and feel this is why infantile amnesia exists.  Others suggest that infants may have the ability to remember details, but their memory process may be more sophisticated in babies.  There have been differences in understanding brain activity and how it relates to creating or making memories.  Concepts have been compared including how and why infants remember motions, sounds and feelings in relation to developing motor skills through habit, and even why and how they remember images and sights related to people and daily living.

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