Assault Weapons Should Be Banned

Assault weapons should be banned, and they are. An assault weapon is a firearm that is designed for military use. They usually have selective fire options built into them, which make them usable in multiple operations. It is a common myth that they are sold to the public, because of faulty reporting nomenclature. Assault style weapons, on the other hand can be bought by the public. So what are the differences, and why the hype on these weapons?


By definition, an assault weapon can shoot in two to three styles: single shot, three shot burst, or fully automatic. The public version has only the single shot ability, and can only fire as the shooter pulls the trigger. They are both clip fed, which means they can only shoot as many rounds as in the clip, before reloading. The problem is not the weapon, but the lax enforcement of existing laws that govern the sales of the weapons. There are other issues at play here too, but those are better covered on their own.


The hype on the issue is media fed misinformation. All because a weapon looks like another, does not make it the other. Many people like the looks of military weapons, or the functionality of them. That does not mean that they are using the same weapon, but a rendition of it. Most of the media today, ignores the facts that the laws for buying a weapon, are poorly executed. This means many people with qualifications that should have barred them, did not. Another factor is, some of these weapons were not purchased legally, and that is a case of its own as well.

Review of the Facts

From 1994 to 2004, the ban on assault weapons had little impact. Yes, it had little impact. His reason behind this fact is, most killing with firearms was done with a small handgun. In 2012, only 322 people were killed with any kind of rifle. That means the assault rifle was only a fraction of that number, which includes hunting rifles, and target rifles. The vast majority were killed with handguns, pistols. From that number the highest percentage were by those who purchased their weapons illegally, or use stolen weapons. But still drunk drivers kill more people every year than any firearm.

Out of 30 American shot, over half are black males, meaning 5,000 to 6,000 every year are killed with guns. And most of that are killed by other Black males. Reviewing the facts puts a different light on the subject, and causes other questions; like, why is the Black population so proned to this issue?

Tips to consider

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