Rain Water Harvesting and Its Contribution on Income House Hold

Rain water harvesting is the best method to save the water for cultivation purpose. Through this means people living in less rainfall area can still continue to harvest the good crop. This way the water requirement from down under gets lesser. The need is just to realize and then to save the rain water and hence do the farming that you help feed the family.

Actually rain water is a free resource that could be saved for later usage. This can be done by making land forms easy to collect the rain water. Thus when rain occurs, the rain water through small man made stream moves towards the man-made ponds. This way enough of the water is collected during the rainy season. Later use of latest technology which uses pipes that drops one drop of water at a time on the roots of the plants can help further fair usage of rain water. Thus the motive of saving the rain water for harvest purpose is achieved.

Along with the cultivation, the rain water harvesting also helps in saving the lands from becoming barren due to draughts. Actually in the under developed countries wherein the water levels have move more downwards, it has become difficult for the people to cultivate land. Thus the lands are left barren. Thus rain water harvesting can solve this problem also and the people could continue to cultivate their land without underground water usage.

A household today requires a lot of money for bringing up the family in a good manner. Today young members of the family just do not need food and clothes, but they also need to go to good schools and take good education. The Old age people need the medical assistance of experts to sustain their living in a healthy manner. Finally the middle aged people want to live their lives in high standards where they can keep their loved ones in a good environment. All that requires good money, and that is possible through increasing income through household. This household income in the less rainfall area where the income is generated from fields can be increased through rain harvesting which assists the increase in land under cultivation and more of crops can be grown. Thus high cultivation results in high income generation and hence people get the money to raise their standards of living and feed their families with the necessities of life.

Thus harvesting through rain water is not only saving the earth from becoming barren but also help farmers to continue the cultivation process even under lesser rain and drought conditions.

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